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Outreach Programs

Perfect for schools, camps, libraries, events, and more!  A fun and educational experience!
We provide enrichment programs for all types of audiences.  All animals are presented in a kind, non threatening way.  The presenter is knowledgeable and safety conscious.  We are USDA licensed, APHIS inspected, and insured. We carefully follow all regulations and guidelines for exhibiting animals, and are happy to work with parents or school administrators to address any concerns or school-specific policies that may exist. Certificate of Insurance (COI) provided upon booking if desired.

Presentation Pricing
Prices are based on a 60 minute presentation with 6 animals.
We offer two types of presentations:

Animals and Habitats or Careers with Animals

Preschool Presentations

Includes 6 animals for a 45 minute presentation, then the rest of the time is hands on time.

Classroom Presentations
For groups 40 or under. This presentation includes one presenter, hands on time at the end of the presentation.

1 Classroom    $165

2 Classrooms  $220
3 Classrooms  $275

Show comes with 6 animals and will last about 60 minutes. Can break package into 30 minute sessions with 3 animals.

During the presentation an experienced educator will bring out the animals one at a time so that guests can learn all about each amazing animal. For smaller groups, hands on opportunities may be available.

Schedule online or give us a call.

Farm Package

This package comes with 8 friendly farm animals for your students to pet and brush.  Includes a mini cow, mini donkey, mini horse, mini pig, goat, sheep, 2 chickens.  Animal wrangler will share fun farm facts during the visit. 

$250 Package is for one hour, additional time can be added.

Can schedule online or give us a call.

Horse Whisperer

Summer Camps

Details coming soon!

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