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Animal Rentals

Something Amazing

Your event is unique. You need something to make it stand out. 

Animals bring a certain magic to the atmosphere.

They make lasting memories that will last.  

We are family owned, licensed, and insured

City Events/ Corporate

Looking for something different for your large event? Do you have a multiple day event? This package will help bring the crowds!
A stationary exhibit is set up to allow your guests to come and go as they like while the animal handlers answer questions and help with the animals.  We
bring 20 friendly miniature farm animals where children and adults can come and gather to pet and maybe even feed them a few treats!

For outdoor events, we require at least 400 square feet of level, mowed lawn space- typically we set up a 20'X20' pen but can configure as needed. If no lawn is available, or if an indoor setup is desired, we tarp the area, use wood shavings as an absorbent, and leave the site “broom clean” when done. We can set up on virtually any level space, including garages, gyms, offices, parking lots, libraries and more.  We provide hand washing stations and request all participants wash or sanitize hands before and after handling animals for the health and safety of our animals and your humans. 

***Staff should have easy access to set up area within 75 feet of where the vehicle is parked and on easy terrain.  If set up is more than 75 feet then a $50 fee will be added to your total.***

Give us a call to set up your event.

  • 1 Hour Zoo   $460

  • 2 Hour Zoo   $630

  • 3 Hour Zoo   $790

  • 4 Hour Zoo   $950

  • 5 Hour Zoo   $1100

  • 6 Hour Zoo   $1250

  • Add a pony for rides to your event for an additional $160 an hour

Live Nativity

Taylors' Troupe has provided  animals for many Live Nativities.  Our animals have been involved with "Walk thru Bethlehem", indoor plays, outdoor displays and more!  We have leash trained animals special for these occasions.  Our donkey will walk and lead nicely for anyone. We also have miniature sheep & goats! Alpacas work great for the wise men as camel fill ins!  We also offer a unique variety of chickens, ducks, & rabbits that fit in nicely at the manger or in the Bethlehem village.  Adding live animals to your event adds a certain magic to the atmosphere you won't want to miss!!
This package fills up fast- Call as early as possible to reserve your date​.

6 Animals- mini donkey, mini cow, sheep,

 goat, alpaca
One Hour -   $300
​Two Hours - $450

Weddings & Photo Shoots

Are you an animal lover? Are you looking for a way to add some unique excitement to your wedding ceremony or reception? If you don’t want to bring your own animal best friend to be a part of the event, why not include one of our animals? 
We can bring alpacas, donkey, goats, sheep, and more to entertain you and your guests. Our animals are clean, trained, and gentle. An animal handler will walk your animal of choice among your guests to pet, feed treats, and take pictures with. They can even be part of a photo shoot!

Please call to reserve.

 One animal rental for one hour- $135
Additional animal -$8

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