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The packages below are perfect for birthday parties, family reunions, or any type of small gatherings.  We arrive early to set up for your event, keep the area clean during our time with you, and clean everything up at the end.  We can set up outdoors or indoors, even in a garage!
The packages are very hands-on and have an animal wrangler to help manage the animals.   We ask that you cap your guests at 15 children. Larger groups may be accommodated depending on age range, our availability, and other factors- providing arrangements are made in advance. We are happy to adjust any of the packages for your specific needs.  Please check the tab: animal rental for large events, if your group will be more than 35 people. Feel free to call if you have questions.
Rates include one hour show, set up, and clean up. Additional hour is $175.

Travel fee is $1.50 per mile one way outside 10 mile radius of Cedar Hills.

We are family owned, licensed, and insured.

10% cash discount


10% cash discount

Rascally Rabbits

  • $190

  • Great for all ages

  • 8 friendly rabbits

  • Includes bunny treats, brushes, hand sanitizer

  • Optional rabbit race for additional fun. Guests pick their favorite rabbit and then stand back to see which rabbit gets to the pile of lettuce first. Rabbits are enclosed in a fence area for safety.

  • Snuggle sacks to help small hands hold the rabbits

  • This package can be set up indoors, we provide a clean tarp to set up on 

Pony Express

  • $190

  • Pony or mini horse led by an animal handler

  • Add another pony for double the fun! Additional $100

  • Add a mini horse to pamper during your event! Guests can brush, add flowers and ribbons, & feed the pony. Brushes, ribbons, treats will be provided.  Additional $100

  • Mini horse can take riders up to 70#, pony up to 100#

  • Unicorn horn, flowers and ribbons can be added free, just add to the appointment when scheduling. 

Round Up

  • $375

  • A popular package for birthdays

  • Pony rides plus an 8 animal petting zoo

  • Pick the 8 animals you would like to come to your party-hedgehog, ferret, rat, rabbit, guinea pig, chinchilla, bearded dragon, tortoise, goat, sheep, alpaca, mini pig, donkey, mini horse, mini cow, chicken, duck. May have multiples of each.  

  • Pony can be dressed up as a unicorn with flowers for no additional charge

  • Includes hand sanitizer, brushes, treats for the animals

  • Rides are led by an animal handler

Tiny Troupe

  • $245

  • A great variety of 8 small animals including a ferret, guinea pig, hedgehog, rat, chinchilla, tortoise, bearded dragon, rabbit.

  • Some animals are sensitive to temperatures and may not be available

  • A short presentation of interesting facts will be presented at the beginning of zoo.

  • Treats for the animals, hand sanitizer, brushes, and stools are provided. Can be set up indoors or outside.

  • Snuggle sacks are included to help hold the animals

  • This package can be set up indoors, we provide a clean tarp to set up on.

Barnyard Fun

  • $290

  • 10 gentle farm animals including a mini cow, mini donkey, alpaca, mini pig, dwarf goat, sheep, chicken, duck, rabbits, turkey (when available)

  • Petting zoo food, brushes, hand sanitizer, stools are provided 

  • A 15x15 area will be needed for the set up; can be set up outside or in a garage during cold weather

Zoo 4 You

  • $460

  • This package includes 15 animals. It combines the farm animals with the tiny animals. Great for bigger groups or the serious animal lover!

  • A 20x20 area is needed for this package

  • At least 2 handlers will work with your guests to help ensure everyone has a great time and provide age-appropriate information about the animals. Brushes, hand sanitizer, and petting zoo food will be provided.

  • Can be set up outside or in a garage

BABY ANIMALS are here until June! Hurry!

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